06 Sep

Maat Saxophone Quartet @ Openluchttheater Lichtenvoorde

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Maat Saxophone Quartet @ Openluchttheater Lichtenvoorde

Paaspop Klassiek organiseert 4 zondagen in het kader van de “Boerenerfconcerten”.

Maat Saxophone Quartet is a 100% Portuguese ensemble. Based in Amsterdam, Netherlands, this young quartet lives from its “hot blood” – afeverish and energetic passion for chamber music, together with a great companionship among the four members who share the same culture.
Maat’s passion for new music leadsthem to work closely with young composers, among which are Nuno Lobo, Ramin Amin Tafreshi and Adam Lukawski, commissioning new pieces which not only represent great additions to the repertoire of this formation, but also revealing the inherent powers of Maat.
Daniel Ferreira – Soprano Saxophone
Catarina Gomes – Alto Saxophone
Pedro Silva – Tenor Saxophone
Mafalda Oliveira – Baritone Saxophone


Tijd: 12.00-15.30 uur
Lunch 12.00-14.00 uur

Concert 14.00-15.30 uur

Entree incl. lunch € 22,50
Entree concert € 10,-

Tickets reserveren via www.openluchttheaterlichtenvoorde.nl